The Greatest Day: Take That Presents The Circus Live

Released: 2009

Live album taken from the 2009 The Greatest Day UK tour

22 September 2014


3 comments for “The Greatest Day Take That Presents the Circus Live”

  1. Facebook profile pic of Linn Iggy
    Linn Iggy
    22 December 2010 at 20:58:00

    Taking me back to younger years..but also taken by the words in the new songs..
    It al feels so close to the longer a boyband..but songs made by grown man with a live in their hearts and souls...
    It realy takes me 2 ways..just love this album (and dvd goosebumps when the elephant entered the stage...)
    Thanks for letting us feel what's in your hearts!

  2. Facebook profile pic of Sophia Giraldi
    Sophia Giraldi
    23 October 2010 at 17:32:15

    Jase Is AMAZING live...I think he's even as GOOD as Gary :O.... <3

    Jase is so funny lol... pullin down his pants ;p... wish i was there to see it....

    I hope Take That would come to Thomand Park ...then i will be able to see them.

    With the live at Abby road.. i was quite gutted they didn't sing 'Back for good' it's my Fav song.. Ithink i listen to it too much.. and + why listen to a song when the song makes me cry? - although sometimes i don't cry.

    the lyric of how did it come to this is simular to my situation in my life.
    # ''Just the other day
    Somebody said to me
    Hey maybe you're just slightly schizophrenic
    And a little out of reach my friend
    I said 'yes, that's partly true' but jokes aside
    I can explain, it's just my way of keeping track
    With living on this plane''#

    But this is MY line .... <3 this ....

    ''just the other day somebody said to me
    Hey maybe you are oh so slightly OCD
    A little out of reach my friend
    I said 'yes that's partly true' but jokes aside
    Please stay with me
    It's just my way of compartmentalising
    All the things I see''.

    i luuuuuuurrrrveee Julie,You,Hold up a light and Greatest day, guys... so talented.

    love Soph.

    ps. I love you Mr, Sexy Jason Orange. xxx <3 :)

  3. Facebook profile pic of Gabrielle Hobeijn
    Gabrielle Hobeijn
    16 October 2010 at 09:30:11

    Although Wooden Boat was not on the album the Circus, I definitely have to say that TT live-version of this song was brilliant. Great harmonized voices!!!What a shame (haha) it wasn't put on this Live Album. I also would like to comment on Disk 2: Live at Abbey Road. These are absolutely great live performances. No crowd, just voices and musicians. I love the different arrangements and harmonies. Favorite songs: Shine, Rule the World and Said it All. Thank you for the music!

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